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View Diary: Koch, ALEC and giant utility company about to derail Arizona's private solar industry (184 comments)

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    is to get big business in AZ in on the fight. If AZ were willing, it could eventually make money exporting rooftop and solar thermal power to the rest of the country. But only if it were willing to cut the owners of the solar panels in on the deal. It has what the economists call Comparative Advantage in sunlight. Enough, in fact, to power the entire country and more if we had a grid that could handle the load.

    Many national companies are installing rooftop solar on office buildings, warehouses, and so on, and would themselves like to sell excess power. It would also be a good contribution to emergency preparedness. Hospitals should also get in on it.

    Our Laura Clawson provided a good list here, while calling out the greenwashers, especially Walmart.

    Walmart's green energy claims mask climate pollution at oil company levels

    It is a universal rule of activism that if you don't ask them, they can't say yes.

    Disclosure: My son, Certifiable Genius, starts in the Geek Squad at Best Buy, seventh on this list, on Monday here in Columbus, Indiana. We have our own crop of Republican liars and cheats against wind power and for, among other things, the Rockport and Edwardsport Coal Gasification Boondoggles, trying to make the public pay a carbon tax to the polluters. They failed, and we got to shut down several coal-burning plants besides.

    In Indiana, Carbon Taxes You (Not)

    Ceterem censeo, gerrymandra delenda est

    by Mokurai on Fri Nov 15, 2013 at 04:23:42 PM PST

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