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    Well, as a song from Avenue Q points out, "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist."  I think that they are trying to point out that even people who are not hateful racists may sometimes generalize.  This generalization is not always based on race. Sometimes it's about age or region of the country a person is from, or just looks.  Do you ever generalize in your mind about skinny or fat people or people who dress differently from you?

    Generalization is an aspect of human intelligence and logic. If we couldn't generalize every decision would have to be carefully thought out and we would be unable to act quickly.  We wouldn't know when to get out of the way or when a dog may be dangerous or how to determine what to eat.  

    So, based on our upbringing and experiences we generalize about people too. BUT we don't have carry these generalizations that we inherited throughout our lives. If we want to get rid of them, however, we have to make an effort.  

    If you have unfounded fears about people of another race or age or from another part of the country you need to meet people from these groups and get to know them.  Once you interact with and get to know people from these previously feared or misunderstood groups you stop seeing that group as "other" because now you know Sean, or Mary or Somsak.

    Think about how easily some people disliked and feared members of the LGBT community until they realize that they are their family members, coworkers and neighbors.  (OK, I know some still do, but look at how the tide is turning and how people who thought that same sex marriage was unreasonable just a few years ago are now voting to change laws.)

    Don't you generalize about somebody? Maybe you just have expectations of how an older or younger person will act, or what someone from the East Coast or the South may think.

    If we decide to be accepting of differences and not treat people hatefully regardless of age, gender, race, sexual identity or a hundred other factors then we are on the right track.  We will always see age, gender, race, religious symbols like crosses and stars of David etc. We will always hear accents.  The point is not to stop recognizing differences, but not to fear and hate them.


    "The Trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you're still a rat." attributed to Lily Tomlin

    by uniqity on Thu Nov 14, 2013 at 10:28:11 AM PST

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