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View Diary: Obama to announce administrative fix for health plan cancellations (174 comments)

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  •  Until people start getting benefits (2+ / 0-)
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    highacidity, True North

    under the new insurance policies, there is little concrete 'good' that can be pointed to. As Joan's 11AM diary says, that will happen beginning January 1. Until then, we have to hang on, and get the damn website fixed! X(

    •  People have been getting benefits for years on (6+ / 0-)

      this and the media ignores it. No lifetime limits, no charge for preventative care including birth control, keeping kids on policy until 26.

      President Obama at Madison Rally 9/28/2010 - "Change is not a spectator sport."

      by askew on Thu Nov 14, 2013 at 08:54:34 AM PST

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    •  The good stuff is already happening and has been (1+ / 0-)
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      Berkeley Fred

      going for awhile now.  After January 1, all that will be headlines is "MANDATE! MANDATE! MANDATE!"

      The good stuff is what we need to be focusing on right!  Kids on parent policies, pre-exisiting conditions...gone! etc... that kind of thing.

      •  Agreed, but the real test is expanding coverage (0+ / 0-)

        All the things you and askew mentioned are tangible and important, but the biggest test is expanding general health care coverage (i.e., insurance). As we see, for many people who already have insurance, even if it's junkish, the tangible benefits may be hard to see: "Better health plans, yes, but more expensive? Do not want!"

        Fixing the current problems doesn't keep the Administration from touting those benefits. It's time to start walking and chewing gum at the same time down in DC!

        •  jan 1st, no prexisting conditions (0+ / 0-)

          but we will still hear negatives becuase that is the news..  but ppl will still vote for democrats because the generation is shifting (and old repub will continue dying)

          then in 2017 some states will start getting single payer..

          the good has always been there, but hey ppl will always complain,  it is harder to give a constructive solution.

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