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View Diary: What the Obamacare fix does, and how it could be better (143 comments)

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  •  I know two like that (1+ / 0-)
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    One is terrified to apply because of her pre existing condition, she doesn't believe that's really illegal now.

    The other is terrified to switch from a more expensive university group plan to an exchange one that would save $3,000 a year because he's convinced that Republicans can repeal the law and his new policy would disappear (and once you waive the U plan, you can't go back for two years).

    •  I don't get this (1+ / 0-)
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      she doesn't believe that's really illegal now.
      How can she not believe it's illegal when that really isn't in dispute?

      Maybe if you told your other friend that as long as Obama is president it won't be repealed so if he switched in 2014 he's "safe" since Obama is president until 2017.  That would cover his 2 years and he would have saved $6,000 to boot.

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