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    I have to deal with MNSure. They are having to go through the applications of everyone in my boat by hand to correct the problem. So far all they can tell me is I am eligible, but not for how much.

    I did also have the ID verification problem (I'm so lucky). That was resolved by faxing my info and having my account manually created (which then did not work, requiring 3 more calls and 2 weeks of waiting plus two password resets). That hoop is taken care of.

    I guess my major concern is, how many people are in my situation? Do they actually have time to hand-calculate the tax subsidy for all of us in time to let us sign up for insurance coverage by December 15th? Do they even have a way to override the glitch that said I was ineligible? The MNSure website still has serious problems. The call center wait time has steadily increased. Yesterday I was on hold for a full hour, compared to 20 minutes at the beginning of this month, and only 6-15 minutes in October. They are even more slammed than they were several weeks ago. I wish there was something I could do, but it's in their hands and the deadline is getting really tight. I've even stopped complaining to the poor coder who had to deal with me via his direct email address because I want him to code instead of having to take up his time with customer service.

    Is fheàrr fheuchainn na bhith san dùil

    by bull8807 on Thu Nov 14, 2013 at 02:49:53 PM PST

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