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  •  The disincentive for the daughter to work is real (7+ / 0-)

    enough.  Just because we are liberals doesn't mean we have to pretend these problems don't exist.  We basically have a rather piece-meal welfare safety net. Each program- SSI, food stamps, Section 8, etc, lives in its own world, and you end up with this kind of disincentive- where if the daughter gets a job, her family actually gets worse off.

    We really have to engineer these welfare programs such that they taper off gradually, as to not create a disincentive for people to work.  It would be a real tragedy if the daughter here really wants to work, but is prevented from doing so for fear of being tossed off of section 8 and becoming homless.

    •  Both women have the disincentive (5+ / 0-)

      The mother was speaking of herself when she said that she would have to earn $15-20/four to be able to survive, because several of the benefits (including Food Stamps) would be reduced if she got a job earning less that that.

      The young adult daughter is still being claimed on her mother's benefit applications -- the daughter can't make her own application until next year.  

      For various benefits, the two woman are considered as one 'household', with all income combined in the 'household income' by benefit agencies.  So if the daughter got a minimum wage job, her earnings would change the household calculations and lower the household benefits.

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