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  •  Annie (10+ / 0-)

    unfortunately, the Dems who even consider cutting SNAP and SS are not Dems.  These used to be untouchables.  Somehow in this century the political calculus has been flipped.  What used to be unthinkable is now the "3rd way".  I'm not a Clinton lover mainly because of his 3rd way bullshit.

    Fuck these fuckers.

    Here's the way it should be, and we (those on Kos) should not, in my opinion, accept less.....

    1. Expand SNAP. Make it easier to get, and for god's sake make it what a family can actually survive on.

    2. Do not, under any circumstances, implement "chained CPI" for SS.  People on SS actually do have a different problem when it comes to cost of living - its going up faster for people on SS than everyone else.  By cutting the SS cost of living (and calling it "chained-CPI")  your are fucking over the very people who need it most.  

    3. Raise the goddamn minimum wage, NOW,  to something that could actually provide someone working 32 horus a week with food and a place to live.  Jesus H Christ how hard is that.  Maybe it's $10.50, but most likely in most places its more like $15.  Make it so and if the shithead republicans object, put it to a damned vote every damned day.

    I honestly don't see why this is so hard, why WE must compromise.  Let Boner and his crew compromise.

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