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View Diary: "I could have made myself an omelet too, but that would have meant no eggs for the weekend." (102 comments)

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    When my daughter was young I would skip meals during the week so I could feed her well on weekends. Unfortunately during our divorce her dad had a better lawyer and got custody of her. It was a pride thing with him, so she spent most of the time at the babysitter; I had her every weekend, holiday, and summers. Like many states, Iowa didn't provide services to single adults without custody of children. Though technically she spent more time with me than her dad, he had "custody" so there were no food stamps for us. Finally I found a part-time job, and I could make sure we ate well on weekends. Her dad wasn't much for making sure that she ate decently.

    The judge had decreed that when she turned 13 or 14 she could decide for herself where she wanted to live. So one day I get a call from her at school asking me to come get her, and she told me "Mom I'm never going back there." And she didn't. When her dad showed up to argue the issue she told him, "Dad if you love me you'll let me go." What could he do? After that we didn't have to worry so much about eating.

    It turns out I had been suffering from major depressive disorder since I was 13, but I didn't find that out until I was 30. Unfortunately, mental illness makes it really hard to maintain adequate employment. That's still true.  

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