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View Diary: Gillibrand considers narrowing military sexual assault bill to gain votes (6 comments)

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  •  Military Justice is like Military Music ... (0+ / 0-)

    It is "not nearly as bad as you might expect" -- but it does some things better than others.  

    Now ... experience shows us that commanding officers and the chain of command do a pretty piss poor job dealing with sexual assault cases.   They're not great when dealing with other forms of assault and harassment.  But when there's a sexual component to the crime more often than not law, justice and decency go right out the window.

    So ... there's some reason to conclude  "the military can manage its own affairs on everything EXCEPT sexual crimes" ... and  maybe harassment/hazing of "protected minorities" ...  and maybe ...

    But sexual crimes seem to be where  egregious outstanding injustice seems to happen most.

    So,  take action on that, and hope for better solutions later on for "the rest."

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