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  •  I have a feeling that the administration's "fix" (2+ / 0-)
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    Shockwave, annecros

    may be the beginning of the unraveling of ACA. An unwise promise by the president is now being treated as sacred. It would have been better to say "your healthcare under ACA will be as good or better than what you have now" than "you can keep your present coverage if you like."

    Full-coverage health insurance for young, healthy people is not defensible from a personal investment standpoint. The higher premiums for the young and healthy are needed to offset those of the old and sick. It is a societal, inter-generational obligation, not a "good deal" except in the sense that at some time in our lives, most of us become old and sick.

    Trying to push the ACA as all things to all men, with no "winners" or "losers" was a mistake from the beginning. We should not compound that mistake by pulling out bricks that might make the whole jerry-built structure collapse. Not unless we are prepared to go all the way to single-payer, which is what some of us wanted all along.

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