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View Diary: Congress reacts to administration insurance cancellation fix (47 comments)

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    I am sick of having to explain to low information and no information people about junk policies.

    I am convinced there are a lot of stupid people in this country. And obviously many of them work with me.

    I get health care through my employer. Fantastic coverage. I will be paying a bit more and a bit more out of pocket, but it is a Cadillac plan.

    Furthermore, because I can pay more, I have no problem doing that in order to help those under insured or not insured.

    I lost my friend of 45 years to breast cancer. In the few months she had to live, she spent half that time worrying if her insurance would be dropped. Had she lived long enough for the ACA, her last few months may have been easy.

    The ACA will work if given a chance. The ACA will work if the Democrats don't set their hair on fire. And once it becomes part of the safety net, after years, it will lead to single payer.

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