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View Diary: Virginia cop tases man for 42 SECONDS (4 comments)

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    This whole overuse of police power issue... It's a complex issue with more than one facet, that emerges from one simple ultimatum.

    It begins with the choice: Either each individual person is presumed to have the authority to participate in the policing of the group, or ONLY a tiny percentage of the group is granted the authority to police the others.

    We, as a society, have been embracing more and more strongly the idea that the people can only be policed by that tiny percentage that is called "law enforcement".

    And just as sunlight follows daybreak, when you carve off a tiny slice of the population and grant them authority over the masses, you have created an elite social caste, and what follows is abuse of the power of that social caste.

    Too long? Didn't read? Summation: If you hand a few people power over others while telling everyone else that they haven't the right to power themselves, then you have asked for events like this and should not be surprised when they happen - you should have thought things through more fully earlier.

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