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View Diary: Single Payer "Disruptive," Mr. President? Only to Insurance Companies' Profits. (40 comments)

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  •  it took 11 months between the passage of Medicare (12+ / 0-)

    to the first recipients getting their Medicare cards. That was before the Internet, in the days when a room-sized computer had less power than a modern laptop.

    Don't tell me that Medicare for all was just too logistically cumbersome to be done. If they were really serious, they'd have found a way to do it.

    During WWII, this country went from being a pre-modern military power to having the mightiest army in the world in just five years. Don't tell me that Americans can't figure out a way to give everyone single-payer health care. That's just insulting.

    The administration did what they did because they thought it was politically easier to let the insurance companies have their way. Now that's proven to be not such a hot idea, he wants us all to know that it was everyone's fault but his that it went wrong. What a leader, huh?

    "Oh, it was the Republicans' fault. Oh, it was the insurance companies' fault." Well, who was it who was so hot to negotiate with the Republicans and the insurance companies?

    Not the Democratic base. It was Obama who said "I know better, guys, I have a better way. Let's not even consider single-payer, let's not fight for the public option, let's give the insurance companies most of the say, and even force all Americans to buy from them, and it will all turn out OK. Trust me." Well, we trusted him, and it didn't turn out OK. So it's on him.

    Obama's only defense of his policy failures is to echo the Republicans and claim that government is powerless to solve problems. Mr. "Yes we can!" has become Mr. "No we can't!"

    Obama's defenders believe that whatever Obama does is automatically the best that could possibly be done, merely by virtue of the fact that it was Obama who did it. Conversely, they believe if Obama can't do it--or even that if Obama chose not to try to do it--it can't be done.

    Look at the disruptions now--some people are being kicked off their plans, without knowing whether they'll be able to get a replacement. Some people are having their premiums raised by the insurance companies and they don't know why and can't find out why. Others are trying to navigate the websites without success. And by the way, if you choose not to get into this whole mess, you will be fined.

    And you say this is the "least disruptive" way of doing things? Pfft.

    The only way single payer will ever come to America is if it starts at the state level first.
    Do you believe in the federal government or not? Are we fifty individual states all going our separate ways, or a union indivisible? We fought a civil war over this question, you know. And we settled it in favor of the Union.

    Those who claim that a health care solution is necessarily up to the states may pay lip service to the notion of the federal government and the Union, but when it comes down to it, they are in full agreement with the teabaggers' fundamental premise: that the federal government is impotent and incapable of solving our problems.

    Well, if you accept that premise, then the teabaggers' response (i.e., destroy the federal government) is the only logical one. Maintaining a federal government is a lot of trouble and requires a lot of sacrifice on the part of Americans; if it can't even solve a basic problem like providing health care to its citizens, just what is the point of having it?

    Anyone who says they believe in the federal system but doesn't believe that the federal government can solve this federal problem is hopelessly muddled and hasn't thought his/her ideas through to their logical conclusion.

    FDR and LBJ had three things Obama doesn't: faith in the American system of federal government, and the will and courage to use the power of that federal government for the good of all Americans. That's why they're remembered as great presidents.

    Obama took the path of least resistance and continues to take it. Despite his incessant PR offensive, he won't be remembered as a great president.

    "In America, the law is king." --Thomas Paine

    by limpidglass on Thu Nov 14, 2013 at 06:35:12 PM PST

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