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View Diary: This week at progressive state blogs: A socialist in Seattle, demographics in Cal, ALEC in R.I. (23 comments)

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    Words In Action, CharlesII, LinSea

    Just a little anecdotal evidence, but you'll find that a lot of the people who disapprove of our governor and who live in or near San Francisco are doing so because as soon as he took office he moved dramatically to the right of where he said he'd be. There are a lot of things that our previous governor fucked up that he's made no effort to fix, and several that he's made even worse.

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      I posted below a catalogue of stuff that Cal Dems should have fixed, especially: Higher education. Prisons. Tax system.

      But one could go on and on. What the h--l is the Richmond refinery doing operating in a state that claims to be environmentally conscious? In a state that prides itself on racial diversity, why do the Oakland police feel so free to beat up Occupy people? Will the energy companies and the investment banks that looted California in the Gray Davis era ever pay for what they did? Where's the leadership that Eric Schneiderman has shown in NY in taking on mortgage fraud?  In a state that has special reason to value civil liberties, why does the senior leadership include Dianne Feinstein?

      Jerry Brown has managed the crisis. He has not given people a positive vision to aspire toward.

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