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View Diary: This week at progressive state blogs: A socialist in Seattle, demographics in Cal, ALEC in R.I. (23 comments)

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  •  2011 Pew survey of 18-29 yo's showed that.. (2+ / 0-)
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    Amber6541, Meteor Blades

    ..49% viewed socialism favorably & 43% negatively.

    Of those 18-29 yo's 46% viewed capitalism favorably & 47% negatively

    So socialism among the young is more a positive thing than a negative.
    Here is an interview with Kshama Sawant. She has many really very excellent ideas:

    "I think the best way to understand socialism is to use capitalism as the counterpoint.
     Health care has proven how defunked capitalism is at solving even regular day to day problems like health care, education access, transportation.
    The poverty rate is going up in the wealthiest country in the world , tou know the United States.

    Socialism is a way to actually make society work for the vast majority of people, who do all the work, who provide all the productivity; but capitalism is a problem because it's an economic system that makes sure all the gains from produstion are consolidated by a tiny elite at the top and everybody else is losing out.
    There's a race to the bottom, that is why the occupy  movement (#OWS) came about."

    (short ad - sorry)

    So the new generation is more positive about an egalitarian society, and is learning the deep flaws and unfairness as capitalism exists today.
    That is good. Yet republicans instead of retreating have doubled down on their reactionary rhetoric lately since losing their bid for the White house and PPACA was made law.

    This is after the GOP's own autopsy showed they need to become a more kindly and a more accomodating party. That is not happening and it cost them voters that the GOP can not survive without - a new generation

    Kshama Sawant ran on a platform promoting;

     ♦ a minimum wage of $15.00 dollars per hour

     ♦ anti- austerity

     ♦ a more progressive tax rate schedule

    And it looks like insurmountable lead can now be called a win!  
    Conlin concedes to Sawant - Friday, November 15, 2013 by:Joel Connelly  

    Four-term Seattle City Councilman Richard Conlin conceded to Socialist challenger Kashama Sawant late Friday afternoon, after Sawant once again increased a lead that now stands at 1,640 votes.

    In an interview, Conlin said he sensed the tide that would carry the “Socialist Alternative” candidate, an instructor at Seattle Central Community Council, to an upset victory.

    Thx MB

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