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    thanks TIOAT for the question, its a critical one. Yes--I do think we're very close to a tipping point in public acceptance & will to act, as I discuss in the new postscript chapter of my book, there are some positive signs in that regard.

    So what can we do? Well, we should engage in all of the voluntary measures you mention, so we decrease our collective carbon footprints. But voluntary measures alone won't be adequate to reduce carbon emissions by the necessary amount to avoid dangerous/irreversible climate change. That will require an incentive structure that encourages people to make clean energy choices, incentivizes clean energy, and internalizes into the cost/benefit equation the damages of our carbon emissions and our eliance on dirty fossil fuel energy. And while there are certain things the executive branch can do (and to the Obama Admin's credit, they are pursuing executive action through new EPA coal emission standards, etc) and there is encouraging action at the state level (e.g. the recent initiative announced by the west coast Governors) we really need comprehensive energy & climate legislation. And that will only happen if we elect politicians who will represent our interests rather than those of the fossil fuel lobby/Koch Brothers who fund their campaigns. Obviously, we need a House of Representatives that won't just be a rubber stamp for the polluting interests. That means, getting out and voting, making sure your family/friends/neighbors do, writing letters and op-eds to your local newspapers raising awareness, etc. Lots of work to be done!

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