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View Diary: Bill Clinton asks Abe Lincoln to allow Slave Owners to hold their slaves for an additional year (27 comments)

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    Karl Rover, cville townie

    the injustice of our healthcare system has hurt many people over the last 80 years and people have died for the cruelty of it.  
    do I feel bad some people are paying higher rates, sure, but the system needs to change and going backward isnt good...anyways, fighting to get a couple seats in the mid-term and trying to make a couple people happy on the margin for a year will not get a better healthcare system, it will only allow the injustices of the old to continue and entrench people in their ways..

    personally, i think we need less cowardice from our leaders.... and Bill has shown a tremendous amount of bad policy decisions based on his cowardice during his time in office.

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