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  •  whinging about premium glitches and coverage (0+ / 0-)

    "This man can't get his bill straight"


    "Millions of men don't need pregnancy coverage".

    •  Whinging about premium glitches.. Men don't need.. (0+ / 0-)

      Millions of men don't need pregnancy coverage - Until they get some gal pregnant and then they better hope there is coverage in the policies because without insurance the fathers of the babies are given the hospital and doctor bills.

      At age 60 a woman doesn't need maternity coverage either but I'm not carved out of the plan...

      Guys.. did you ever hear of a woman with a prostate problem - Never

      Stop trying to micromanage life's norms... Like it or not Insurance is based on actuaries.  If you can find an affordable price in the Affordable Health Care system - go for it and stop whining.

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