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  •  Even though the Constitution decrees that the (2+ / 0-)

    people govern, that hasn't ever been achieved yet and office holders, at all levels, prefer that it never is. What they want is to continue in the "locus parentis" mode. That is, they perceive themselves empowered to act on behalf of citizens who cannot do or think for themselves. They are not prepared to consider themselves as public servants, with duties and obligations and no powers at all to speak of.
    How did this misperception continue to hold credence for over two hundred years? Well, first of all, only a small percentage of the population was invited to exercise the franchise. At the same time, the royal principle of sovereign immunity persisted in the relationship between citizens and officials because its revocation was overlooked until the passage of the Federal Tort Claims Act in 1947. And then the new regimen was slow to develop until citizens got access to public records and other information that had previously been held privileged.
    Finally, being a public servant is not much fun, if one can't be arbitrary and capricious and lord it over the populace. So, if qualifications are to be determinative, incompetents are out of luck and they are going to resist being removed.

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