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View Diary: Overnight News Digest 11/15/2013 (47 comments)

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  •  Katrina comparisons update (7+ / 0-)

    Last night, I posted a link to the specious and disgusting "equivalence" the right wing Bushies pushed and the NYT adopted between the ACA roll-out and the GWB response to Hurricane Katrina.

    I didn't link to this, although I suppose I could have.  Just one more thing, and so forth.

    But I saw today some clown denouncing the ACA because of its emphasis on pre-existing illnesses . . . as though this were a bug rather than a feature.

    And I was reminded of the night when the law passed, which happened to be a night when I was going to the airport to pick up my beloved niece, who was returning to DC for another semester at college after being home for vacation.  Pre-existing illnesses?  Yeah, we get that at our house.  My beloved niece, now 23, was diagnosed with Type I diabetes when she was 16 months old.  And because of President Obama and the ACA she gets to stay on her parents' health insurance plan for another three years.  And because of President Obama, she knows that when she ages out of that plan, no insurance company will be able to DENY her coverage because of her diabetes, over which she had no control.

    And I am writing this because yes, NYT,  some IT glitches in this miraculous law that will allow my niece to have insurance and stay healthy is EXACTLY the same as GWB's response to a national weather catastrophe with total governmental FAILURE that resulted in 1800 deaths and monumental suffering.  Yes, that's correct.

    Be sure you put your feet in the right place; then stand firm. ~ Abraham Lincoln

    by noweasels on Fri Nov 15, 2013 at 09:39:21 PM PST

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