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    In the past when wealthy interests became oppressive people could immigrate or, like Virginia, go out and plunder the native peoples working for a corporation that had an odd bit of democracy added by a Progressive (Sir Edwin Sandys) who allowed elected representatives from the districts to sit in at corporate meetings called the House of Burgess.  The modern global system is hard to escape.  They have the ability to not only plunder but destroy the land making it hostile to nature and unable to provide food to natives.  Combined with global warming we little creatures are either running from flooding storms on the coast, radiation in the ocean from Japan, oil spills all over the middle US that are ignored and fracking in our backyard.  Democracy is a pretty word, but it is the first to go when the wealthy decide to make their extraction moves.  Hard to stand and fight, but no reason to bow and scrape.  The global fat cats, despite their treaties, may not get the easy money they think the treaties will provide.  US corporations had their massive military to back up their treaties.  Will their volunteer army fight for the fat cat?

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