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  •  Yes OR is still screwed up. (1+ / 0-)
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    Honestly I hate to report that Oregon still does not work. If one goes to the .gov site it just dumps you into coveroregon.
    Cover Oregon does work better now but one cannot get past apply online. That is you may fill out the application online and submit it and that is all. Yes you can mail or fax it in but that's about it.

    the folks on the phone are nice and can help. For instance I submitted online and after a week or so called to see if the form made the trip. It did. Computers were down at the moment and they would call me back. They did call back a few hours later to say some info from my application was missing. They would mail me a letter.

    A week later I called to say I had not received a letter. They checked. "Was I a member of a tribe?"   No. They corrected my omission on the phone. That was good but it took over a week to fix my mistake. I had apparently left a critical field blank.

    I can look at plan overviews. For now Mrs. Newman and I will direct our energy to drilling into details on the provider's web sites.

    I'm also waiting and anxiously looking at the calendar.

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