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    My brother is nonverbal, and I have known many individuals and families over my 40 years in the autism world.  I was the one who taught my brother his first sign at the age of 5.  I was 11.  You think it's hard now, imagine the challenge my parents faced in the 1970s.  It was the time before IDEA, before ADA.  No habilitation, no respite, no special ed classes at public school.  My mother had to sue the state to keep them from shipping my 8 year old brother to 3 states away.  Believe me, I DO understand your challenges.   I've lived it.

    Can you really trust an organization that lists a school that has killed students in its use of electric shocks in its research guide?

    Don't you find it odd that they don't include people with autism within their ranks?   There is no other major disability or medical organization out there that has so excluded the very population they're purporting to be helping.  

    When Christopher Reeve asked researchers to visit rehab centers and talk with patients, it changed spinal cord research, and tremendous advances have been made.  No one is more knowledgeable on autism than those of us who live this life.   You can be dismissive of those of us who are so-called "high functioning", but consider that in my childhood, I was more effective at teaching my brother how to communicate than any of the professionals out there.

    I'm glad you found some help for your son, but I urge to seek out to seek out the adult autistic community, particularly people with autism who are working in the field.  For instance, I know speech pathologist assistants, occupational therapists who routinely do the amazing with those considered "unreachable".  You might be very pleased with the results.

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