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    I didn't mention my preferred charities because 1) I think people should thoroughly investigate for themselves any charity before donating of their time, money or energy.

    2)  Because I think people should decide how much of their money they want to go towards research and how much should go towards services.   In my opinion, does it really make sense to focus so heavily on research when 9 out of 10 autistic people don't qualify for services and practically no child with autism (except for the very wealthy) receives enough services to prepare them for adulthood?  

    3) Shouldn't we, as parents, as family members, support a charity that believes in the potential of our children, no matter where they are on the Spectrum?   My brother, who is considered too "low functioning" for vocational opportunities or any independent life skills, has taught me more about life than just about anyone I've ever met.  He taught me about love and prejudice and acceptance and hope.  He taught me to look at the world in a whole new way and I am enriched by being his sibling.

    4)  Finally, because most of the work of helping families with autism comes from small, local nonprofits who don't receive any funding from Autism Speaks.  If anything, A$ draws funding away from those doing the work.  I urge you all to explore your own communities and verify this for yourself.

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