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  •  Nutritional value of mass produced milk (1+ / 0-)
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    high uintas

    Grew up as massive dairy consumer/promoter.  Used to drink milk out of the plate cooler at multiple dairies.

    I worry about the decline in nutritional quality in milk.  For instance, I'm sure the Omega 3 proportion in milk has declined massively as dairies got larger and pasture-fed milk proportion decreased (greenchop helps).  Weight, Protein, Butterfat, and other milk solids, as well as pass scores for antibiotics and pathogens are basically the only things paid for, so they are basically the only quality controlled for as well.  I tend to think we should be looking at continuing to lower the pass scores for pathogens (as a proxy for health and sanitation of the dairy), as well as looking at nutritional quality scoring (in feed and milk) at a more detailed level.

    •  Nutritional quality scoring for feeds (1+ / 0-)
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      high uintas

      is one of the keys to feeding properly feed the herd.  Before I can balance the cow's ration, I must have my home grown forages analyzed for macro and, sometimes, micro nutrients.  I must know the protein levels (especially digestible  protein), energy content for maintenance and lactation, as well as the CA, P, and K levels of the feed.

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