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  •  Some of these (7+ / 0-)

    just strike me as really odd but I still use them after hearing them from nana, granny, aunties and grandas coming up.

    Nana always would say if you were acting the goat(being a fool) a nod's as gud as a wink tae a blind horse. Meaning kind of, will you please explain what it is you mean to say and do it so we understand plainly.
    Whit's fur ye willnae go by ye. What is supposed to happen will happen.
    Keep the heid. Stay calm and don't upset yourself.
    Hell mend you, or hell slap it intae ye. It's your own fault for whatever just happened.

    I've got way more, but right now I have to go dae mah dinger at my student son for not getting up on time for his afternoon class today. IOW, I have to go make my disapproval known to him loudly :)

    Don't watch it dad, you will have brain cells jumping to their suicide. Me, when I learned dad had been watching Fox.

    by glescagal on Tue Dec 10, 2013 at 02:01:23 PM PST

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