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  •  That's a pretty good piece on grunge. (8+ / 0-)

    Loved Nirvana back in the day; I was a DJ in college and Bleach was one of the most played cassettes in the summer of '89 in the somewhat down-at-heel place I was living in.

    When they opened for Dinosaur Jr the summer of '91, everyone I knew was at that gig. People who seldom went to shows, older folks. My buddy taped the gig, and we would go to parties that summer and people would gather around to listen.

    Still: no one thought that they would become as huge as they did. It was time, though; there was a lot of great music of a similar stripe (Dino, Meat Puppets) that owed as much to classic rock as it did to punk by the end of the 80s.

    But the moment Nirvana became huge, the floodgates were opened. Labels were signing anything, they hadn't a clue for a good two years as to what "the next Nirvana" was going to be (Ended up being Pearl Jam, methinks, who were and remain a great, intelligent hard rock band).

    Spin has a good roundup of some of the "weirder" major label signings. It was like the late 60s all over again wrt to how some distinctly noncommercial films and music got released by major conglomerates chasing the teen/twentysomethings tastes.

    Doubt we will ever see this again.

    Still, it turned a lot of people on to some great music that wasn't as big commercially but never would have left cult status (ie pressings of a 10x thousands and gigs in clubs holding a few hundred). I thought that having Sebadoh or the Boredoms on a major label was great. Why not?

    I bought the In Utero reissue- love the remix. That's probably Nirvana's best record, and it holds up. One critic has compared it to John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band- completely solid comparison, and high praise, as far as I'm concerned.

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