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View Diary: ACA: I MADE IT!! (plus, enrollment chart now added to (55 comments)

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  •  if this is the case (1+ / 0-)
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    As an illustration: If the number of actual enrollments doubles each month, that would be 100K + 200K + 400K + 800K + 1.6M + 3.2M = 6.3 million people by 3/31/14, very close to the 7 million goal.
    That'd be 700K people by the end of the year. Doesn't that mean than on January 1st, that there would be millions of people with cancelled insurance there were unable to get new coverage in the exchanges?
    •  Fair point. My point is simply... (4+ / 0-)
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      Fury, ArcticStones, WisVoter, rsmpdx

      ...that the 106K figure shouldn't induce panic, given the Massachusetts example as a guideline.

    •  Those people could cause a surge in enrollments (2+ / 0-)
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      TofG, gmats

      A lot of those people losing their insurance are going to go to the exchanges, because they need new insurance.  I think we could see a huge, and unexpected surge from these people when they realize they can get better and cheaper policies on the exchanges.  If the website can handle them, we may have some surprising numbers by Dec. 15.

      •  But...but CNN (and Politoco on Bill Press radio (2+ / 0-)
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        Brainwrap, pollwatcher

        show) say ACA is a roll out DIASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        They gots to have negative scenarios. Omg, what if the website IS getting fixed! That would be a disaster of Biblical proportions for them.

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