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View Diary: ACA: I MADE IT!! (plus, enrollment chart now added to (55 comments)

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    Our only decent choices are Humana and Anthem.  Unlike Anthem, Humana has a really good area for browsing ACA plans on its site.  I got to exact numbers from Humana's front page simply and quickly.

    Our second full application via is still going nowhere, just like the first one, even though the identity verification succeeded for the second one (with the exact same questions and answers that failed the first time).  I've "re-completed" (in response to "your application is incomplete") both applications over a dozen times each on various days and at various times of day and night, but the electronic signature page always offers only a "Save and Come Back" rain check.

    We've had decent experiences with Anthem the last 10 years, considering the racket they're in.  I found lots of complaints today about Humana but just as many, I think, about Anthem.  The fact that you still have to do a full application on Anthem's site to get real numbers turns me off, and then its ACA offerings are a good deal more expensive than Humana's.  My only allegiance to Anthem might be that it's the devil I know.  I guess it's pessimists who prefer him; optimists probably choose the devil they don't know.

    If nothing else, I know my fallback plan is to go straight to Humana.

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    by Alden on Mon Nov 18, 2013 at 10:07:56 AM PST

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