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View Diary: Unscrupulous insurers using Obamacare confusion to sell junk insurance (47 comments)

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  •  What a shock (2+ / 0-)
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    rovertheoctopus, malcolm

    grifters are going to grift.

    What's the excuse for not being prepared for it?

    They didn't see it coming. Clearly.

    Just like they didn't see the GOP's bad faith coming after passing their policy plan for healthcare reform instead of a more public focused regime only to find the GOP calling it, their own plan, "Socialism".

    It's one thing to get burned once. Shame on them.

    When you get burned over and over and over again by the same bad faith forces in American politics?

    Then you fight them tooth and nail, obviously, but you have to start looking in the mirror about how you do the people's business. None of this should be a shock.

    But it is. Clearly. Some of the smartest non-Conservatives are constantly being taken aback by a new low in bad faith being set by some clearly legendary bad faith actors in our governance and our marketplaces.

    That's damning. A lot more damning that the roll-out headaches and technical difficulties because it is like being shocked that leaving a thief in charge of a bank tellers window can end in theft.

    They are in the game to make money.

    Everybody, even the most ardent supporter of the ACA model outside of Movement Conservatism, knew that was the case when we all partnered up with them on free market reform, and passing a conservative plan for reform instead of doing a more public form of reform.

    They invented taking away people's insurance for bullshit reasons, junk insurance policies, lifetime caps, and pre-existing condition disqualifiers or policy escalators.

    One of the biggest reasons we needed to reform healthcare is a direct result of the profit chasers greed and mission to always find a way to be maximizing profits at the expense of peoples health and access to affordable care.

    And some of the worst players trying to grift, be deceptive, and lie to consumers is a shock?

    I am willing to give the President and the Democrats a lot of room on the headaches on the ACA roll-out because if Massachusetts roll-out was watched like a hawk by every Movement Conservative interest group and Movement Conservative gelded Villager it might have been hell to get through that first year in the Bay State. So much of this is bad faith fueled, and technical problems and roll-out issues have happened so often in the past, that I cut them slack.

    What is the excuse for not being ready for this shit?

    This is an industry that is legendary for playing the angles and fucking people over to make a buck.

    What should be more worrisome is the lack of going at the industry like a ton of bricks over this.

    I'm not sure that there are not some pretty smart and pretty saavy Demcrats in DC and around the country who are trying to come down on these motherfuckers while not setting the stage for blowback the industry knows full well the Democratic Party will own at the polls in future elections. The insurance industry misbehaves, and the Democrats pay the price, leaving Republicans, who will roll back reform and free the industry to go back to doing whatever they want if they get a big enough majority and a Republican White House.

    There is a lot of malicious reasons for the worst actors to be acting at their worst.

    If the punishment for their wrong-doing is more Republicans sweeping into office, who will loosen the rules and regulations and give them more free reign to be bastards... what is quick a pickle.

    At some point, it has to become clear that the reason the Democrats are not excoriating the industry, including some of its most bad-faith driven players, is that the industry is now their partner.

    And they cannot trust their partner, at least all of them, to do the right thing. But in taking them to task, they have to take some serious headaches into consideration. The (D)'s own the bad outcomes too. The (D)s may very well pay a quicker price for malicious abuses. The punishment being more (R)s who will let up on the industry if they can't kill reform.

    And the Democrats are in the dangerous position to be partially owning the fall-out of the bad behavior of the industry they chose to partner up with to provide free market driven reform.

    Part of the blowback is... they get more Republicans in Congress. Oh noes. What a bad outcome for the health insurance industry. The GOP can't repeal the ACA, they can just hollow it out and make it as poorly overseen and maintained and regulated as possible.

    The Democrats are now partners joined at the hip with some seriously untrustworthy people. Forces in the marketplace who can make things a lot, lot worse, and who can gamble that they won't bear as much of a punitive burden for their bad behavior as the Democratic public policy advocates who chose a pathway that let them remain in a position to be such pieces of shit. To be in place in a way that has collateral damage ramifications for the people who want healthcare reform to work the most. Democrats.

    I'm betting that most of the hesitation to go in guns a blazing is how to give your partners a beatdown without having them retaliate by going whole hog in finding ways to make your life a living hell and reward people they know will sweep in and let them do what they want as a part of the blowback.

    I'm not shocked that we aren't seeing a war on the bastards because I'm betting a lot of people who would like to are kind of vexed by how they do that and make this work considering that one way for this mess to get worse is for the insurance industry to just go to 11 on maximizing the angles, plays, and gifts to make as much money as possible considering that the Democratic Party owns our healthcare system. If the system sucks, Democrats are going to get the blame. These people are the Democrats partners in reform.

    And they know it. All too well.

    There is a reason that the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute came up with this mess.

    The sacred free market must prevail.

    Making money is as big, if not more of, a consideration than access to care.

    And everything that comes with that, comes with that.

    I am a Loco-Foco. I am from the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party.

    by LeftHandedMan on Mon Nov 18, 2013 at 06:26:32 PM PST

    •  Correction: (0+ / 0-)
      If the punishment for their wrong-doing is Democrats getting blamed for bad outcomes and more Republicans sweeping into office, who will then loosen the rules and regulations and give them more free reign to be bastards... that is quite a pickle.
      Not being able to trust your partners, and their having the ability to fuck you royally and be "punished" by having people who will kiss their asses come into power as a part of the blowback. I wouldn't wish that on anybody.

      The Democratic Party had better get a lot more ruthless and a lot more willing to play hardball with bad faith players or else they better get a higher pain tolerance level because the Village and the GOP also know the Democrats now own America's healthcare system too.

      I am a Loco-Foco. I am from the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party.

      by LeftHandedMan on Mon Nov 18, 2013 at 06:31:32 PM PST

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