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  •  Well ... you know ... Holy Land tour guides DO lie (1+ / 0-)
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    I love OCD

    Even licensed ones with Archeology degrees from Haifa University.

    Stiil, what was pointed out as the "Eye of the Camel" is NOT "camel shaped." -- I never heard that it was supposed to be.  

    Now, whether that opening in the wall when Jesus (who may or may not have existed, Himself) was preaching ... THAT's something I never considered before.  

    The structure in question is a passage through an  outer and inner wall: an opening about 7' high x 6 ft wide ... a high ceilinged passage to the right, about 30 ft, after which a sharp left turn to the left and about 20 feet further on, another 7 x 6 opening.

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