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        My understanding is that there are numerous ways to sign up through the marketplace, and "brokers" or "agents" are one. If you know which specific plan you want by name, the insurer should help you fill out the data needed so that you can mail it in (talk about old school)...or maybe they can access the marketplace hub directly. Or call the number given on the marketplace website if the insurer can't sign you up with subsidy directly. Worst case scenerio...your son signs up directly with the insurer and does not get the subsidy. When he files his 2014 taxes he gets back a huge refund, probably much more than he actually paid in taxes. It would be better, though, to have the subsidy applied each month. Try the sherpa/phone route, but be flexible...ask directly if they can apply the subsidy, as you know from sherpa what it should cost your son (nothing). Then if you can't get satisfaction there, go one of the other routes. You have time, so don't panic. It will work, and your son will get covered as of Jan 1 with a decent policy.

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    by Reston history guy on Mon Nov 18, 2013 at 10:51:25 AM PST

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    •  but you don't get the subsidy (1+ / 0-)
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      by going directly through insurers.  They want to be able to do it but haven't been approved.

      Several online brokers like ehealthinsurance and GetInsured  were approved to be able to give the subsidy with an application but the system problems have prevented them thus far.  An ehealthinsurance rep said to return in early Dec.  And this is only for people who use the federal exchange.

      If you don't qualify for subsidy you can apply with any broker or directly through the insurer right now.

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