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View Diary: People unemployed for six months or more face serious discrimination (96 comments)

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  •  The one thing I never want to hear again (2+ / 0-)
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    is "get a job" or variants thereof, from anyone who has anything positive or even neutral/accepting to say about discriminating against the long-term unemployed. In a job market with three applicants for every job opening, someone is going to be "the long-term unemployed." Have we really just written off 2% (millions) of our population as unworthy of being part of our society ever again, because a recession happened and God knows it can't be the rich who suffer as a result? It would be nice for the capitalists if every year they could figure out who the least-productive 1% of the workforce is, and cull them out of society, sentencing them to live as a homeless person until they die of starvation or exposure. This would increase the productivity of our remaining workforce and the capitalists' return on investment. But I think we should have a revolution and kill all those rational-choice-making capitalists before we allow American citizens to be dehumanized in this way.

    In slightly less ranty terms, it seems to me that it's the duty of the Democratic party to restore long-term unemployment benefits and keep them going for as long as our society has this long-term unemployment problem.

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