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    Yikes!  I hope we don't run into similar problems with Kaiser, and you're able to work through yours.  Did the troublesome letter come from Blue Shield, or Covered California?  As I understand it, the ACA is just a vehicle to get people private insurance - or access to Medicaid coverage among states like California that are receiving the Federal subsidy that covers that expansion.  Once you pick your plan (as you have 4 times!!) it is up to the insurance industry to play the role they fought so valiantly to maintain as keeper of the keys to health services.  Motivated primarily by short-term profit, I think some insurance companies will seek to screen out applicants that arrive through ACA portals because they are perceived as not having prior coverage and thus will present with some pent-up needs for services.  We need to distinguish whether the problem is with the ACA or with the insurance companies.  Insurance companies with a longer-term measure of success (and ensuing profit) will rush to provide good services so consumers will continue to pay them.

    If Obamacare fails because the insurance companies continue to game the system to maximize profits for themselves and stock holders by withholding care for the sick and needy, it will only strengthen the call for a single payer system like the rest of the civilized world has already.  I don't think that will happen.  Obama has in truth been a centrist work-across-the-aisle guy who implemented the conservative option for universal health care access.  The roll out took a while to succeed in Massachusetts, but it was successful eventually.  It is based on capitalist, free-market principles.  So I think the insurance industry will eventually come through and receive the premiums we're trying to send in, and the state insurance commissioners will deal with those who deny care illegally.

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      The letter came from Covered California.

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        Through the CoveredCA website, you can find a toll-free number to call for assistance as well as a chat feature to do so via the internet.  Both warned about a 20-minute wait due to high volume, but the toll free person came up much quicker than that.  She was able to answer my questions about the handoff from the ACA-sponsored website to the private insurance company we selected.

        The ACA does not cover people who are not documented citizens, a huge flaw in my opinion but unavoidable in passing the law politically.  Millions will remain unprotected because of this loophole.  My niece is also an immigrant, so I hope that doesn't become an obstacle.  We should know in about two weeks.

        Does anybody know about the incarceration issue?  That wasn't part of anything I saw on the California or federal ACA websites.  If I had more time, I would call the 800 number for clarification on this policy.

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