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View Diary: Obamacare exchanges failure stories outnumber success stories, even here on the Kos (54 comments)

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  •  I don't think we have much of a disagreement (0+ / 0-)

    Initially the title of this piece was something like "A compilation of reports by Kossacks." A few hours after publishing, I changed it. Maybe I shouldn't have.

    We both support the ACA (at least, I assume you do and I know I do). If we can figure out where people are running into trouble, we can better give them advice. For example, what's going on with cameoanne who posted below here? He or she is having trouble even creating an account.

    Last night I tried creating an account. Took me two tries. You have to answer three security questions. The third one I picked asked for a date. I typed in a date, and it, apparently, didn't like the format. I tried another format; still no good. I switched to the question about a favorite pet's name; it didn't like my cat's name. That cell seemed permanently poisoned. Nothing I did made that page happy, so I had to start over.

    Now, maybe I just happened to find one of the rare bugs. (And maybe it's now fixed; I couldn't duplicate it this morning, though as a programmer I know all too well that not being able to reproduce a bug doesn't mean it's fixed.) But I wasn't trying to find bugs. It looks to me like the system is still fragile.

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