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  •  I Think For As Long As It's Limited To Colorado... (1+ / 0-)
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    MichaelNY'll probably have a pretty good thing going.  But I suspect you'll lose your competitive advantage as the legalization wave spreads, and particularly if the federal government ever green-lights it (no pun intended) nationally.  When that happens, I think there will be more concern about centralizing tax stamp authority among an oligopoly of corporate bad actors (read tobacco companies) and, correspondingly, less tolerance towards people growing their own weed in their basements.  I'd be very pleasantly surprised if the template for legalization in Colorado was the way things played out nationally, but given government's obsession with milking it for blood revenue, I don't see how things avoid going in a very unsavory direction very quickly.

    •  On a slightly different note (1+ / 0-)
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      I've had regular discussions with a few of my friends about how to push forward with decriminalization of all drugs, something I feel would do wonders to crush the violent gangs that traffic them, end accidental overdoses, reduce the transmission of diseases, etc., and something they always bring up is that America is too socially conservative to allow it.  Marijuana is one thing, but could you imagine the outcry if people could shoot up heroin in a safe government building?  The horror!

      I have a running joke that what we should do to get majority support is to have it where you can do the hard drugs in a government building, but you have to be surrounded by ministers of various religions berating you for your lifestyle.  That should get America on board, lol.

      •  My Position Is The Same..... (1+ / 0-)
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        I'm reasonably concerned about the uptick in usage of harder drugs that pose a more clear and present danger to individuals and bystanders in the event of legalization, but on balance I think the consequences of continued prohibitions would still be worse.  I'm not quite fully onboard with this yet, but I think a template exists from which a controlled setting for hard drug usage would be a better option than what we're doing now.

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