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  •  "Aunt Mary" (10+ / 0-)

    About ten years ago, as the Bush/Cheney 2004 campaign was ramping up its anti-gay rhetoric in a push to get evangelical voters out for the ticket, John Aravosis at Americablog was looking for a term, akin to "Uncle Tom," to identify those LGBT people who worked for anti-gay politicians, parties and policies. He came up with "Aunt Mary," after Ms. Cheney herself, who was deeply involved with her father's re-election campaign, alongside Ken Mehlman (who was totally not gay at the time - btw, I have a great bridge to sell you).

    Ms. Cheney is today a big supporter of hard-right politicians, which is a description that really could refer to either of the alleged offspring of Dick and Lynn (seriously, don't we need some sort of medical test to prove he's even human?). She continues to voluntarily live in a Commonwealth that has one of the most vicious anti-gay hate amendments in its Constitution, although she was careful to birth both her children in DC, so Ms. Poe could get a second parent adoption. And, of course, she and Ms. Poe blithely waltzed over from their hate state to the enlightened city of DC - a place in which they pay not a dime in taxes - to express their privilege and avail themselves of rights that neither Ms. Cheney nor Ms. Poe has been willing to publicly support until now.

    So forgive me if don't shed any tears of sympathy for these two fine women. I fully and completely support their right to be considered exactly equal to the other Ms. Cheney's family, a right I have literally taken to the streets to support, even as Aunt Mary was supporting anti-gay politicians like Willard Romney (whose position on gay rights is exactly the same as Liz Cheney's). Aunt Mary has demonstrated she will do whatever she must to ensure she and hers have what they need and want, and that she's more than willing to throw the entire LGBT community under the proverbial political bus when it works for her. The only  benefit to this family feud coming to light, assuming it has a shred of authenticity, is that it will further demonstrate the inanity of trying to hold the Liz Cheney/Chris Christie "I love my gay relative but still demand they be considered second-class" position. It will literally be the least Aunt Mary can do to help a movement that has benefited her , but that she has disregarded for so long.  

    A government that denies gay men the right to bridal registry is a fascist state - Margaret Cho

    by CPT Doom on Tue Nov 19, 2013 at 03:53:15 AM PST

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