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View Diary: Reports of Obamacare's Death Greatly Exaggerated - Enrollments Surge (114 comments)

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  •  ACA site hacked (1+ / 0-)
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    Heavy Mettle

    Homeland Security has found at least 16 cases where the ACA website has been hacked. Apparently there are conservative websites, most notably Destroy Obama Care which gives instructions on how to do this. The most popular means is to insert a bug that simulates many multiple hits on the site which can cause it to crash. The government may pursue charges against those encouraging it.  I wish two things. One, the media would jump on this (probably too much to ask since 90% is corporate controlled and run by old white guys who hate Obama, helping the poor and the sick and just most of us in general) and cover it. Two, this is stooping to the hackers level but I wish someone would turn the tables and hack into and shut down the sites providing instructions.

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