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    falconer520, DavidHeart

    While large sites are always a pain, the managers and designers involved with are clearly incompetent. And those are the ones not intentionally performing sabotage.

    I design and develop systems like (though not as big, though is MUCH bigger than it should be, if it were managed properly). From the descriptions of the problems they've had, I'm convinced that it wasn't just people not knowing what they were doing but intentional sabotage.

    Regardless, the whole thing was a cluster-f (pun intended) from the start. You had WAY too much money being thrown around with every middle-ware marketer wanting a piece, and then probably idiot managers who know nothing about IT buying it and forcing it on the coders.

    I could have done the coding portion of the design BY MYSELF in less than a month for only half a million.

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