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View Diary: GA-Gov/Sen: While The GOP Tears Itself Apart, Carter (D) & Nunn (D) Help Rebuild The GA Dem Party (21 comments)

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  •  There is an actual Liberal Democrat (7+ / 0-)

    running for Senate despite the media blackout.
    Even here apparently.
    Branko has been out helping people navigate the ACA while Michelle is trashing it. Branko has been attending Moral Monday meetings while Michelle is doing fundraisers.
    Branko has been calling out Nathan Deal on stealing from the poor to give to the rich while Michelle has been talking all bipartisany about how to lower the deficit.

    How much money a candidate raises is not going to be the deciding factor on who gets my support or how credible they are. What they do is more indicative of who they really are and who they will represent.

    Thanks for looking at GA though. :)

    •  You're welcome and that's fine but there a couple (10+ / 0-)

      of things we need to ask:

      1. Can Dr. Brad win his primary and the general election?  No doubt that I might agree more with Dr. Brad than Nunn and I like the fact that Dr. Brad is showing people how to use the ACA.  Nunn hasn't been trashing the ACA.  She said she likes many aspects of the ACA but would like to make some changes.  Those changes can be addressed when it comes to candidate question time.  She did say the roll out was bad, which it was.

      2.  Nunn has to fundraise like crazy.  Yes, she should attend the Moral Mondays but with the GOP freaking out about the already nasty and crowded primary and how much money they'll have to spend on that, they will have to spend a lot to defeat Nunn.  Not to mention Nunn and Carter helping raise money for the state party will help other GA Dems keep their seats and maybe even pick up a few.

      3.  Nathan Deal should be Carter's focus, not Nunn's IMHO.  Nunn has been bashing the GOP over the shutdown and their obstruction.  Of course she has to talk about bipartisanship and yes, the deficit to a degree.  Nunn's challenge is to unite the older, white Democrats who can cross party lines and vote for GOP candidates and the growing African American and Latino demographics as well as winning over women.  This is the South we're talking about here but we're seeing changing trends in this state.  Is it in the blue category yet?  No, but 2014 is all about getting it into purple territory so we can push it into blue territory for 2016.  

      I personally, depending on what races and where Democrats are running, do I need to choose my battles wisely between someone who is my ideal candidate vs. the electable candidate.  Carter and Nunn come from two familiar names.  That will be helpful.  But if you want some examples of me supporting great Democrats, I'm a hardcore supporter of Daylin Leach's campaign in the race to succeed Allyson Schwartz's (D. PA-13) seat as she runs for Governor.  Leach is Pennsylvania's Liberal Lion and he's running in a solid blue district but against some big name Democrats.  Or even in South Dakota where everyone was bummed about Blue Dog Dem Stephanie Herseth Sandlin passing up the chance to run for Tim Johnson's Senate seat, I was actually thrilled because even though he's an underdog, I believe Rick Weiland can pull an upset.  He's running on a strong message in getting money out of politics and it's resonating with voters.  Especially since his likely opponent, Mike Rounds, is the definitive Super PAC candidate.

      Funny Stuff at

      by poopdogcomedy on Wed Nov 27, 2013 at 01:49:37 PM PST

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      •  I'll just adress number 1 for now (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        poopdogcomedy, Kombema

        have to walk the dog and take her down to the neighbors taking care of her for TDay.
        If Branko gets ignored no he cannot win the primary. He has almost no chance even if he did get a lot of attention. But it is imperative that we show strong support for Liberal Dems no matter the outcome.

        Nunn did not say the rollout was bad. She called it a failure.
        Which I also think it was but have not "voiced" it out loud irl where people would just eat it up because it's Obama's failure. I, like Branko, have been helping people navigate through the maze of options because it is what we have and people need help with it.

        I don't want to be argumentative. I understand this political game. I understand Georgians even though I've only been here for 30 years. :) It's a rough crowd.
        I want the guy to get some press recognition. I'd like to change the "game" for the better.

        Got to go walk.
        Thanks for the diary.

      •  Thanks (0+ / 0-)

        I've donated to both Nunn (in July) and Weiland (in June).  I hear where you're coming from.  I wish Weiland were impressing me more, though.  If he's going to win without money he needs a HUGE ground game.   So far I'll I've seen is an awful lot of effort to put his face in every town in the state for a few hours, which is great, but I'd be a lot happier with an active volunteer in every town.  

    •  I think Nunn is (0+ / 0-)

      the best chance for Democrats, but her comments indicate that she's being too cautious.

      "I was not born for myself alone, but for my neighbor as well as myself."--Richard Overton, leader of the Levellers, a17th C. movement for democracy and equality during the English Civil War. for healthcare coverage in Kentucky

      by SouthernLeveller on Wed Nov 27, 2013 at 05:58:39 PM PST

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