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View Diary: Michigan Republicans want you to know if Obamacare raised your rates but not if it's helped you (8 comments)

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    the voters know that the state legislature is in charge of insurance company regulation. The point Democrats need to add is, given this truth, if health insurers or car insurers or home insurers were ripping their customers off, it's because the regulations passed by the legislature were not consumer friendly. Which makes sense since bankers and insurance brokers and mortgage brokers are the people in every community with plenty of time to run the chamber of commerce and propose candidates for all sorts of legislative bodies. Just as surely as insurance profits flow into bank coffers and then out into the pockets of developers and all the other folks down at the country club, it goes to reason that they have each other's back.
    Republicans are for the separation of business and government, except when it comes to being suckled by the public teat.

    Also, while it true that state and local government does not have an independent source of funds, the federal government makes all it's own money and it is because the Feds refuse to send the states enough that local governments have to borrow from banks to cover any capital expense -- borrow from banks that collect dollars at no cost and even lend them back to the Treasury to collect a dividend, thereby creating the "national debt" which only exists because Congress refuses to see to it that dollars flow back into Washington at the same rate they flow out to the
    The purpose of federal taxes is to return dollars to their source. Republicans are opposed to recycling. So, of course, they don't want to recycle dollars either. But, if we want an efficient economy, that's what has to happen. Dollars have to come back as fast as they go out.

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