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View Diary: Gettysburg Address 'outrage' provides handy checklist of stupidest people in America (225 comments)

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  •  FAUX false facts (2+ / 0-)

    Not surprisingly FOX aka FAUX Noise Channel does not check their facts before shooting off their mouths. Yes, the girls are cute, or so I am told, but cute does not mean that you don't really investigate. The Gettysburg Address has five different versions and the one that Lincoln actually used did not mention "so help me God." So, the only omission was the one that FOX made when they accused our president of not referring to "God."
    Good looks may get you by when you are young, but we all age, unless we die, and then it is better to have some intelligence.  What you have now at 25 or 30 will sag, bag, turn gray or fall out and it certainly will wrinkle when you are in your 60s or 70s or 80s. :-)

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