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View Diary: Gettysburg Address 'outrage' provides handy checklist of stupidest people in America (225 comments)

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    I disagree with the writer that this moronic effort to fabricate another scandal should not be taken seriously.  There is NO TELLING what outrageous lies these people will rally behind to get their lying, hateful CHEAT MACHINE running full blast again to take ANY MEASURES NECESSARY to "WIN" in the mid-terms and later in the next Presidential Election....LIES and fabricated scandals can INDEED start a stampede of anti-"LIB" anything these days so I'd be careful NOT taking any of this crap seriously...They afterall, are still fighting over the Benghazi scandal that was LIE BASED...they are still fighting to impeach Obama over his place of birth take these trolls seriously!  NOT EVERYONE has managed to get across their bridge of destruction simply be providing the CORRECT answers!

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