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View Diary: Washington Post: "Harry Reid is set to go nuclear" (145 comments)

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  •  Why would they exclude (9+ / 0-)

    Supreme Court nominations?

    They should reform the rules for all Judicial nominations including the Supreme Court. In addition the rules should be reformed for Executive branch appointments as well.

    I guess they can leave the Republicans with the full filibuster for legislation at this point. With the pukes having stolen the House I don't think there's any chance of getting much legislation through Congress in the foreseeable future anyway.

    I think they should do it in a way that keeps the possibility of a filibuster but just makes it significantly more difficult to accomplish.

    That way it might still be around as a tool to be used when the minority REALLY is motivated to put up a blocking action.

    While they're at it they should also eliminate things such as 'anonymous holds'. There should be transparency so that the cost of obstruction is raised.

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