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View Diary: Where Americans are moving to and from, in one gorgeous chart (138 comments)

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  •  It could also be because liberals want to move (12+ / 0-)

    there and get away from their teabagger governors or red states.  

    But also now that there is marriage equality and pot legalization, that helps. That is why I am hearing a lot  of people that work with my husband want to move to CO or WA and sadly they are conservative but they smoke pot regularly too.  Hubby reminds them that these are blue states and they will not like the overall politics in WA.

    LOL, we will try to keep the tbaggers from migrating there...if possible.

    Keystone Liberals on Twitter @ KeystoneLibs , Join PA Liberals at

    by wishingwell on Mon Dec 30, 2013 at 05:44:34 PM PST

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    •  Maybe one could encourage tbagguer ghettos? :) n/t (0+ / 0-)

      "Daddy, every time a bell rings, a Randian Libertaria­n picks up his Pan Am tickets for the Libertaria­n Paradise of West Dakota!"

      by unclebucky on Tue Dec 31, 2013 at 06:34:56 AM PST

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      •  Isn't that Florida? n/t (0+ / 0-)
        •  Take it from one who is still stuck here... (0+ / 0-)

          ...SW Florida is most certainly a t-bagger ghetto! Lots of money here in my area and they're the worst...thinking they're among the 1%. Fools.

          •  My ex lived with her aunt (0+ / 0-)

            Who's pretty indicative of that mindset, and to add insult to injury she's a teacher, a professional that really shouldn't tend to conservatism since it's so damaging to the profession. No such concept as enlightened self interest there.

        •  Please don't remind me! I like alot about this (1+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:

          state, most of the people I know are really nice, but their politics are nuts!  I know alot of poor people who think republicans are really on their side and if they vote them in somehow that is going to someday make things better for them!  I don't get it.  They cut food stamps and Head Start and want everyone to stand on their own, no help and yet these people need all that.  They need help.  Every time I send an E-mail to my congressman Ted Yoho and I get one of his stupid replys with the same old crap about how what they want to do will make things better for everyone, I want to scream.  I disagree with everything he believes in.  Funny, when he says we have to all sacrifice, I don't see any of his rich friends doing any sacrificing, except maybe the rest of us on the alter of the 1%.

          •  My last GF lived in Florida, (0+ / 0-)

            but came from Texas and her family fit in the batshit crazy bunch that are so representative of the state of Florida today (and Texas in the family still there). I had a bunch of huge fights with that lot over Obama supposedly trying to use executive orders to usher in gun control laws (I'd actually read the full EO already so I was well prepared for the barrage and had a counter battery prepped), and other misrepresentations of the policies of this current administration.

            What's sad is my experience is areas like Florida typically are more liberal, with coastal areas tending to (perhaps due to exposure) being more accepting of same sex relationships and rights. Instead Florida is full of people that wouldn't look out of place as my neighbours (my hometown is depressingly conservative overall though we had independents as representatives for over 20 years thanks to loss of faith in the damn conservative parties locally (they did nothing for their constituents so both their local member [retired last year, a pity since while he was against marriage equality at least he represented his constituents properly at a federal level] and the citizens told them to eff off when I was a kid). While on the coast most of the people I know apart from politicians are more live and let live.

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