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View Diary: The GOP shrugged: pitting Obamacare "makers" vs. Obamacare "takers" (33 comments)

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    annecros, SinglePayer1
    more importantly, insurance companies aren't subsidizing the premiums of one group of customers by raising the price on those with the lousiest coverage they offer.
    So now people with pre-existing conditions can buy at the same rates as people without those conditions. As a sub-group, the people with those conditions are expected to consume (much?) more healthcare services than are paid for by their premiums.

    So the rest of the people in the same risk pool (the healthy ones) will in aggregate have to pay enough more in premiums to make up that loss by the insurance company so that the company can still earn a profit.

    wouldnt it look something like this

    2 people with conditions 10K in premiums, 50K in expenses
    98 people without conditions 490K premiums 400K in expenses.

    had those two people not been included, it might have been

    98 people without conditions 440K premiums 400K in expenses.

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