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    By putting the phrases "store management teams" next to "hourly associates" and follow that with the $50-170K salary range, they're trying to get lazy people to think that the salary range includes hourly associates, too.

    Furthermore when I read "store management teams" I have to wonder if the salary range is the total for the "team?" Or the average? Or the median? How many people are on the "team?" And what's the lowest-ranking member of these "teams?" Is it store managers and above (district managers, regional managers, etc), or does it include department managers, or shift managers, or managers in the "home office" like public relations and buying managers? It's very possible that only one person or two people in any given store is part of the overall "management team." And most of the rest are getting by on SNAP and selling their hair. We don't know, and they don't want us to ask.

    You know you're winning a fight against a Republican when they stop mocking your position and start whining about your tone.

    by slappymagoo on Wed Nov 20, 2013 at 01:53:08 PM PST

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