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    peregrine kate

    I am not sure how this would help.  Water in the US is really a continental issue,which for many places in North America makes it an international issue.

    The Georgia and Albama border is on the edge of the central area of the US between the Great and Eastern divides up almost to Canada.  Any water that falls above them is going to be, in some way, be shared by all the states above them and even Mexico.  The Geogia and Alabama are not getting enough water, it is not a border issue, it is because consumers upstream are using too much water.

    A state fighting over water would be like Mexicans fighting over water amongst themselves.  It is not a Mexican problem, it is an international problem.  The US uses all the water before it gets to Mexico.

    •  I like Colorado. There isn't a single stream of (0+ / 0-)

      any significant size in our state that doesn't originate here in our mountains.  I like being upstream from everyone.  I do realize that doesn't mean our water rights are superior to everyone else, as Kansas has pointed out successfully in the courts and as Arizona and California are continually trying to do.  Still, when push comes to shove, we are first in line.

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