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View Diary: Brownback (Kansas) Turns Medicaid Over to Private Companies.. and these are the results (103 comments)

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  •  I forgot this important (8+ / 0-)


    As far as traditional therapies go, meaning speech, physical, and occupational, the Medicaid managed care is still better than what most individuals not on Medicaid get.  

    Most of my caseload is Medicaid kids because private insurance offers little to no coverage.  Humana plans are typically 30 visits a year max, and Anthem BCBS 60 visits.  Kids typically need 2 and sometimes 3 sessions a week and for many the therapy takes several years, sometimes more than 5.  Very few plans that I see offer more appropriate limits.

    And worse, many plans offer NO speech therapy coverage if it is a problem of development--which most are--rather than a clearly physical problem like a cleft palate.  

    There was recently a court case in California that might start changing that, against Kaiser.

    So managed care Medicaid is actually better in some respects than what everyone else has.  It is just worse than what we had before managed care when there were no limits for those under 21.

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