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View Diary: Who knew the reason libertarianism was so noxious was plagiarism? (36 comments)

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  •  The Paulites are doing structured hoaxes. (2+ / 0-)
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    Darth Stateworker, MadGeorgiaDem

    They don't know it, but they are human iPods replaying professionally engineered hoaxes.

    Professionally done hoaxes consist of three well-defined elements:

    1. A psychological viewpoint, usually laid out as though for a commercial advertising campaign. This is a statement of feeling, the desired emotional response. To a lesser extent the viewpoint includes a novel idea about facts;

    2. Related slogans, jingles, claimed associations with admired individuals, etc.; and,

    3. Interconnected lies and slanders.

    The emotional viewpoint of a hoax can succeed more often than not where it is unopposed. Consider the environment: slogans and lies are delivered relentlessly to target audiences. The lives of tens of millions of Americans are hit with hog-swill rubbish.

    Where these RWNJ viewpoints succeed, people can lose their basic sense of community. Personalities are altered by injecting irrational fears. This is not because the victims are stupid -- they are not.

    This is non-rational argument. Never underestimate its impact.

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